What is Creative Elements for Vase Fillers?

Dec 18th

Vases not are used for flowers alone. Vase fillers with transparent materials, these glasses can be filled with creative elements to help anchor it, to support the flower arrangements, or emphasize the theme of the party. With a little ingenuity, almost anything can be added to a glass to give new life. When you enter your own backyard or Neighborhood Park can provide you with creative fillings that will give your glass a stylish look. Mother Nature can provide filler materials such as sand, shells, pine cones, acorns, stones, moss, bamboo and ornamental grasses.

Vase Fillers Style
Vase Fillers Style

For interesting vase fillers, use a small fish or aquatic frog in a glass big enough to promote the circulation of oxygen. Placing a living plant on top of the base can help circulate oxygen and prevent the creature to jump out of the glass. Just make sure, however, that the plant used is safe for creatures that swim around and that has not been treated with pesticides or herbicides. For some extra color, add the colored glass marbles in the bottom of the glass. Stuffed add an interesting food to the kitchen and the dining tables look. Popular food items to use as vase fillers include rice, beans, mixed nuts, fruits, fortune cookies, dried pastas and sweets.

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