Special Characteristic of Moroccan Pillows

Dec 5th

Exotic, relaxing and sensual…. this is the feeling of Moroccan pillows style designs. Moroccan decor incorporates the atmosphere of the warm climate of North Africa and the complex mix of cultures that makes the area one of the most interesting places in the world.

Vintage Moroccan Pillows
Vintage Moroccan Pillows

Throughout history, Morocco and North Africa has been the crossroads of several cultures in the region. French, Arabic, Arabic and African influences combine to give a feeling of relaxation and expansive culture of Moroccan decor. Color, texture and craftsmanship prominent feature in this design style

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Deep jewel tones to choose walls, upholstery fabrics and accessories enhance the stifling atmosphere of the region. Deep purple, royal blue, vivid greens, oranges and yellows can find a place in Moroccan pillows themed. African appreciation of color is evident, he joined with rich hues love classical European. Silver, gold and bronze tones also come together to give the rooms a luxury.

Moroccan pillows come in geometric patterns, designs and other simplified rosette iconic forms. Muslim culture discourages the use of the human form of artistic expression, so rely on change in interesting ways to display designs of nature. Silk, cotton and wool textiles are widely used in Moroccan style home pillows.

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