Smart Design Unique Bookends

Mar 29th

Not only for unique bookends will not fall, but also to decorate, have I promised is that this craft so beautiful and useful. I will show you step by step to achieve some original bookends that you can do in very simple way. Go ahead and start now. To make decorative unique bookends starts cutting rectangles of 24 x 12 cm each fabric. Fold the white fabric in the middle, forming a square of 12 x 12 cm. Close just 2 edges of this square; to make it quicker and tedious way, using the sewing machine. Use the spoon to fill the square of fabric with sand. You can fill much as you want.

Picture Unique Bookends
Picture Unique Bookends

Close to the edge sewing machine has been opened in the opposite direction to the above. You get a fun pyramid-shaped. We repeat the seams with patterned fabric. Fold the middle making a square of 12 cm side and closed with the sewing machine 2 of their open edges. I also like bookends with animals.

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Flip over to hide the seams and placed inside the bag with sand you had done before. Fold the edge that has been hiding the open end of the unique bookends fabric for a neater closure. Sewing with machine to finish. Tell us in the comments what color you done these Original bookends. Now that you’ve managed to decorate your desktop, try again for home crafts.  I have customized my desktop with decorative unique bookends crafts as this cork bulletin board and also a very original organizer. It looks wonderful and I love working there. How did you decorate?

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