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August 1, 2018 Flooring

Replace Cultured Marble Floors

Marble floors – Cultured marble is made of a mixture of marble dust and resin that mimics the look of real marble. When manufactured as tiles, cultured marble flooring is much less expensive than a real marble floor would be, but the tiles may crack or chip over time. When this occurs, replacement is necessary to recreate the look of the original soil. Placement of replacing cultivated marble is much the same as for that of any other tiles, but the old tile can be difficult to remove once in place underground. However, with the correct procedure, removal is possible, allowing you to place the new surface immediately after completion.

Antique Marble Floors

Antique Marble Floors

Protect your hands from the eyes and lungs from tile chips and dust using a pair of safety glasses, particle mask and a pair of work gloves during replacement. Remove the grout line along the edge of the marble floors surface using a slurry carbide blade attached to a rotary tool. Place the blade of the chisel into the joint, at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the base of marble tiles and subsoil. Head hit the chisel with the hammer; chisel driving under the tiles and around the ground.

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Continue to remove tiles grown from the surface using a hammer and chisel. Arena the floor with a floor sander to remove any adhesive present and to smooth the soil surface for attaching new cultured marble floors tile. Arrange the tiles on the floor in the position you want to place them. Remove the tiles from their posts in sections of 4 feet. Remove spacers between the tiles of cultured marble floors.  Brush a tile and grout sealer on the grout to add a waterproof layer that prevents stains.

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