Practical Rechargeable Lantern

Nov 25th

The rechargeable lantern is, in its size, more powerful and lasting. For its high performance, it is the choice of professionals worldwide.  It is the ultimate tool reliable lighting. The lantern rechargeable now incorporates an electronic switch, which allows you to have multiple lighting options in terms of keystrokes that perform: A quick press, illuminated with full power. Two quick presses, illuminated with energy-saving mode and three quick pulses, flashing mode.

Vintage Rechargeable Lantern
Vintage Rechargeable Lantern

Characteristics of rechargeable lantern is, Versatile: adjustable light beam with only a quarter turn of the head. The charger can recharge the battery at any position, taking up minimal space. Reloads DC and AC. Durable: Rechargeable Battery more than 1,000 times. Anodized aluminum on the inside and outside. The seals provide resistance to water and harsh environments. The metallic reflector withstands extreme temperatures. The lens is made of tempered glass. Safe: Replacement bulb in the rear cap. The serial number engraved on each lantern allows identification.

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Overall we all know the technology that uses rechargeable lantern and its main features: high efficiency, long lifetime LED emitter, low consumption, etc; but hard to imagine that a relatively compact and economical LED flashlight cans double the light output of a car with this system.

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