Paint Mercury Glass Vase

Dec 30th

Recycled glass containers are excellent vases, candlesticks or simply decorative jugs to display. Some mercury glass vase is painted and ready to decorate, but most of you have at home are clear glass alone are not very attractive. The transparent glass should be painted to add color and dimension to the finished product. With some items and a little time, you can paint mercury glass vase with the color you like.

Modern Mercury Glass Vase
Modern Mercury Glass Vase

Search mercury glass vase with innovative design and form. Empty jars of essential oils and especially vinegar or drinks because often they are tall and thin and are therefore ideal for vases. Also empty jars of pickles, salad dressings and other foods, which usually are small, wide and therefore ideal for making glass or jewelers. Empty mercury glass vase washed in hot soapy water and dry them well. Leave to soak the mercury glass vase with labels to more easily remove the paper.

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Visit a craft store to buy special paints for glass. These come in a lot of colors and are also available in spray. You want to use this type of paint to create a colorful design. Choose colors that you like. Prepare a work area so that you have good ventilation, and start putting old newspaper on the table where you go to work. Be sure to dress in old clothes or use an apron to avoid staining your clothes. A base layer applied to the bottle. You can do it with a brush or spray the outside of the mercury glass vase or put a layer of this type inside. To perform the latter, you can pour a teaspoon of paint in the bottle and turn it. Completely covers the container and let it dry overnight. If you are using glass painting and want the light to shine through the glass, skip this step. Paint the outside of the color you want by following the instructions of the paint can. Mercury glass vase let dry completely for 24 hours. Place your artwork on a shelf or obsequious someone special to you.

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