Modernization Oak bookcase Ideas

Mar 6th

Put a layer of Formica on your oak bookcase could have been a great idea at the time. He added a different aspect to the shelf, modernization of straight lines and easy clean surface. Now wants his new oak shelf to its original state. You can remove the Formica laminate dissolving the contact cement is used to implement it. This is a simple process, but requires patience a lot of manpower to carry out with the least amount of damage to the underlying wood.

Traditional Oak bookcase
Traditional Oak bookcase

Wear goggles and gloves. The glasses protect your eyes if Formica chips and wings during extraction. Rubber gloves protect the hands of the solvent, which can burn and irritate the skin. Place the oak bookcase in his side to have better leverage and can work from the top moves down from a corner. Paint a layer of solvent such as lacquer thinner seam in Formica. Turn heat gun at low temperature and direct it at the seam. This will accelerate the ability of the solvent to loosen the cement.

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Insert the knife into the seam and push away from the wood Formica. Use caution when working with a straight line, and try not to move the spatula. You can scratch the wood, which makes more work for you later. Continue working your way through the Formica, adding heat and solvents, as needed. Sand the oak bookcase, once you’ve removed all Formica. This eliminates residual cement contact and smoothest any scratches in the timber.

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