Modern Bookcase for Your House

Apr 5th

Want to renew your home decor? Then we introduce different ideas to create libraries from recycled materials and items.  Making a modern bookcase. Do you have many books at home do not know where to store them? Below, we present original crafts creative recycling that will allow you to get home library elements.

Picture Modern Bookcase
Picture Modern Bookcase

Previously we have discovered how to make recycled jewelry; books recycled ideas, proposals of creative recycling with tetra pack, crafts with soda cans or, for example, or ideas to recycle bulbs. Now we show to create an original library from recycled materials. Are you passionate about reading? If you have space problems at home because you have so many books that do not already know where to put you two choices, choose to continue your hobby in e-book or, failing that, take careful note of our advice to make a home library and recycled modern bookcase. In the case of opting for the latter option can, for example, decorate your home with original libraries also do not entail costs because it is recycled shoe boxes, boxes of fruit furniture, etc. started the review of these unique speaking style libraries thereof. Below, you’ll find everything from classic libraries made ​​of wood, even those other designs in which the glass or Merthiolate is used, ideal for those more minimalist and modern homes. Once you have chosen the style is deciding what the interior design of your library. Among the different proposal which we suggest you choose us for their originality decorate the background of libraries with strokes of color, paint them with bright colors or use a frame you like. What elements can get a recycled library? This question has an easy answer. For example, if you have an old shoe at home, a showcase you no longer use or closet unused, among others, can be perfect to give them a new opportunity and converting them into libraries to store your books.

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To do this, you will need sandpaper and paint in the case concerned an old piece of furniture that you need to restore. Once you have your furniture is ready now, then, to add or remove modern bookcase, depending on whether you want to store more or fewer books. Regarding the placement of furniture, then we offer some guidance. For example, in those rooms with high ceilings can place high shelves to communicate to facilitate your transportation from one to another. Thus, for example, also the tops of the furniture bathroom or kitchen can be used as makeshift library. Looking more ideas for creative recycling? Do not miss any that we present here.