Make Narrow Bookcase Design for Small House

Apr 4th

Narrow bookcase – Houses often have spaces and narrow peak size or where a shelf as a great fit. However, it is unlikely to find a bookseller off-the-shelf that fits precisely in the place of a problem. Custom shelves made by a cabinetmaker can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, the shelves are relatively easy to build. With a few basic tools and the work of a weekend, you can point to the narrow bookcase between the wall and the fireplace and said proudly. “I built that”. Measure the height, width and depth of space. For the purposes of this article, it is assumed that the space available to be 6 feet tall, 10 centimeters wide and 8 inches deep. Adjust the size of shelving to suit your own space. ┬áCut a plaque in seven shelves Aug. 1/2-by-8 inches wide. Cut the other two tables at 6 feet tall. Mark two vertical lines on one side of the plates 6 ‘, 2 inch outer edges and extending throughout the length of the boards. Check the first horizontal line at the top of the motherboard. Then mark the horizontal lines every 10 cm.

Red narrow bookcase
Red narrow bookcase

Wrap a piece of masking tape around the end of the bit as a marker, indicating a measure of quarter-inch. Drill a hole at each intersection of the pencil lines of quarter-inch deep. Do not drill into the line of the base plate at the bottom of the boards. When finished, you should have two parallel columns of pin holes in each board. Draws a drop of wood glue along the side edges of the lower platform. Align the top line of the motherboard is marked on both sides of 6 feet. Pre-drill, then attach with three screws through the sides and on the platform.

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Draw a line of wood glue on the sides of a shelf. Align the platform flush with the upper edges of the shelf. Pre-drill through the sides of the shelf and the shelf, and then connect via three screws. Slide unit platform in space, making sure it is right. Otherwise, unscrew the top and bottom parts and adjust the sizes before the glue dries. Pull back the space. Place the hard drive to the back of the shelf with finishing nails panel. Hammer until almost all the way in, then use the nail establishes what the nail heads are flush with the plywood. Slide the bookcase back into space. Fasten the base molding to the bottom of the shelf using glue and finish nails. Align with the existing system board. Putty to smooth over gaps and retouch paint to match the wood. Insert the shelf pegs into the holes. Slide shelves on top of the pins. Finally you have narrow bookcase for your home.