Interesting Cake Decoration Ideas

Dec 12th

Cake decoration is one way to make the cake look more attractive, as more value for the cake. The main purpose of making a cake to enjoy the taste, but over time the cake is not only enjoyed the taste. Cake is also enjoyed the beauty of form and design, so that the appearance of the cake to be one of the points for the assessment of the cake. Someone who would buy a cake will certainly look at the new appearance after tasting it feels.  Cakes that taste delicious but look less attractive will get poor ratings from consumers. Especially when the cake is used as a mascot in important events such as birthday cake, wedding cake, or any cake that will be enjoyed performances.

Mario Cake Decorations
Mario Cake Decorations

Inedible Cake Decoration

The ornament is generally made of Fondant cake; white or cream are safe for consumption as well as the main cake. But because many people are using the cake only as a mascot or display the cake decoration also started using other materials whose prices tend to be cheaper. Many cake makers began using clay as an ingredient in cake decoration, clay have been easy to shape. Many unique ornament can be made ​​easily using clay, but very difficult when made ​​using cream or white fondant. Clay also has a very wide range of colors, therefore a lot of ornaments that can be made ​​using clay.

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Cake Decorating Is Different for Every Purpose of Making a Cake

Cake decoration can also be used as a means to demonstrate the purpose of the making of the cake. When a cake has no decoration at all, it will be very difficult to know the purpose of making the cake. Cake decoration usually does not have a cake to be enjoyed as a snack, not for a specific special purpose. Different from a cake that will be used for a special occasion, this cake will have a decoration that indicates the purpose of making the cake. For example for a cake that will be used for a birthday celebration, you will usually find that a candle ornament shaped figure.