Floor Scrubber Best Machine

Feb 17th

Floor scrubber – Efficiency is the big reason to buy scrubbing floors. This efficiency leads in many cases the return on investment is very fast compared to the cost of personnel; product and time it takes to clean mop floors and juicer. The wide range of models allows you COMAC Wash dry, sanitize in a single pass and very quickly from 100 m2 to over 20,000 m2.

Floor Scrubber Speed
Floor Scrubber Speed

Not just for large surfaces. Since such a small space of 100 m2 on, a small automatic scrubber is already more profitable than the mop and juicer. It saves time and trouble. No to close the transit through which as it leaves the floor virtually dry. For example, in a supermarket will not close corridors for cleaning and floor maintenance. Floor scrubber and customers can continue your purchases smoothly. They are very easy to use. Within minutes anyone can handle a Comic scrubber. Increases security when a machine in one last clean floors and dry leaves virtually eliminating the possibility of someone slipping on the wet floor.

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As most machines battery, can keep working even in blackouts or in areas where no ay light sockets. Saving chemicals and detergents. Being a machine that automatically dispenses the mixture of water and detergent, which helps save waste and conservation of the environment are avoided. Floor scrubber and regulates exactly how much to apply depending on the surface or work to be done. Motiva keep the floor clean. Being such a user-friendly machine operators are more motivated to use and maintain floors more often.

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