DIY Invisible Shelf with Gold Bookends

Feb 6th

Gold bookends – Invisible shelves give the appearance of books floating in the air. What is not seen is a gold shelf that is smaller than books. The books cover and hide the platform. Lots of companies make invisible shelves, but make them at home requires nothing more than drilling a couple of holes and screws. Stack books at the bottom of the gold bookends along the wall until it is completely covered.

Unique Gold Bookends
Unique Gold Bookends

Place the vertical ruler in the center of a colophon. It is the part that rests on the books. Not the part where books sit. Divide the measurement of height bookends to mark the three screw placement. For example, if the gold bookends are 9 inches tall, draw a mark of 3 inches from the top of the gold bookends. Draw a second mark 3 inches below the first. Drill holes at the marks using the drill and gold. Set the part of the book ends with the markings on the wooden block, so that the marks face up. Place a drop of cutting oil on the mark.  Repeat with remaining gold bookends.

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Locate a stud in the wall to hang the shelf. Move the stud finder horizontally across the wall to the height you have selected for the proposed platform. Mark with pencil asparagus.  Put a check mark in the center of the beam between the two marks. Remove the two marks for the edges of the upright, leaving the remaining.  Press the gold bookends against the wall, aligning the holes with the marks on the wall. Place a screw into the hole, and drill into the wall. Repeat with the other gold bookends, placed anywhere on the wall you want.

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