Best Marble Bookends Ideas

Oct 9th

Marble bookends – Few items are as elegant as a gray marble bookends; pale gray adds a delicate touch to any room. When decorating the French gray table, choose the romantic and whimsical pieces that seem timeless. Even if the rest of the room is a rich burgundy, the French must remain pale gray box and separate, an island in a sea of ​​opulent fabric. French is an old gray paint that requires an equally eternal environment.

Vintage Marble Bookends
Vintage Marble Bookends

Marble bookends place a lamp in the back corner of the French gray table. Look for something like cut glass with silver. The shadow can be a pale cream or other soft, light, natural color.  Buy old books in a used book store. Look for those with tapas pale beige and cream and weathered pages they seek. Place a few on the table; they also act as a great base for a mirror or a potted plant.

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Locate marble bookends gray veined with pink light and place them on the table. Line up three or four books between them. Find a mirror with silver frame with a classic swirled foot. Angled toward the center of the French gray table; it will look even better if it reflects more on the table.