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October 7, 2018 Flooring

Beautify Metallic Epoxy Floor

Metallic epoxy floor-The metallic cast floor is a special epoxy floor that combines the coolness of metal with the heat of the plastic floor. That provides a surprising and exciting effect. Ideal if you are pursuing exclusivity.

Diy Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

Diy Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

Why a metallic screed? Imagine: a floor with the sheen of aluminum, the reflection of copper, the patina of bronze. Gleaming in the light from the sun or artificial lighting strategically placed, while the glare of them leave subtly illuminate the area … A metallic epoxy floor there always looks different depending on the light. Yet if this is the effect of a floor always the same: you create it with depth and space. The metallic epoxy floor is a floor on the basis of synthetic resin, with a high chemical resistance. The floor system is seamless and very easy to maintain.Gietvloer Amsterdam suggested a magnificent color palette, and from which you can select the perfect color for your metallic screed. The colors you can choose from are: Chartered, Olive, Mocha, Earth, Ashes, Mist, Tibet, Graphite, Felt and White Veins. All these colors are of course on display in our showroom.

11 Inspiration Gallery from Beautify Metallic Epoxy Floor

Image of: Diy Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings
Image of: Epoxy Floor Coating with Metallic Colors
Image of: Epoxy Garage Floor Metallic
Image of: Epoxy Metallic Floor Coating Kits
Image of: Installing Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings
Image of: Metallic Epoxy Floor Covering
Image of: Metallic Epoxy Floor Finish
Image of: Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit
Image of: Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor Paint
Image of: MetallicEpoxyFlooringMinneapolis
Image of: Mixed Metallic Epoxy Floor
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